Chip's Accomplishments

Advocate for the South End

In the south end, I have worked hard to address specific issues that have arisen, including:

-proposing and implementing zoning amendments to facilitate the smart redevelopment of certain parcels in the South End including City Market and King Street Center and to amendments to permit Arts Riot to remain in compliance with our ordinances.  

-improvements to the design of the Champlain Parkway to make it more pedestrian and bike friendly. 

-mediating disputes between neighbors and City Departments and businesses to achieve positive outcomes for all.

Active Role on City Council

I have served an active role on the council over the past three years as the head of the Democratic Caucus, chair of the ordinance committee, and active member of both the Retirement Committee and Form Based Code Committee.  

Responsible Management of City Finances

We have worked collaboratively with the unions to share responsibility for the unfunded pension liability relieving the burden on taxpayers.

We have resolved the sale of BT and positively impact our credit rating saving taxpayers millions.

Making Walking and Biking Safer and More Accessible

We have adopted the walk bike initiative opening up bike lanes and making sidewalks more walk friendly. We have put bike lanes on north avenue.



Affordability and Smart Growth

We have moved forward with developments on St. Paul Street, North Avenue and Pearl Street that provide much needed affordable and work-force housing.

We have adopted form based code that should incentivize infill development in the downtown core that includes new strong stormwater and environmental regulations.